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Covalart Limited
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All images © 2001-2005 Caroline Woodley

Welcome to Covalart Photographic

Covalart Photographic

Covalart Photographic specialises in high-quality digital and film photography, particularly of the natural world, flora and fauna. This site is currently showcasing our images both digital and film based, and we have a fully interactive, categorised and searchable portfolio of images and descriptions online. The catalogue is constantly being updated and more images, including our slide collection, will be added on a regular basis, so please keep checking back regularly to see what's new. In the mean time if you have any particular wants or requirements we may already have something suitable so please contact us on 07973 732476 and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

How To Order

We can take your order by phone or email and can accept money transfers or cheques drawn on a UK bank in Sterling. We need your name, address, contact phone number, the codes of the picture(s) you wish to purchase (these can be found next to the picture thumbnails and on the image preview page), the use to which each image will be put and your preferred method of delivery.

Please note that currently we are not able to accept credit cards.

Our online ordering system is currently under development which will allow you to select your images directly from the site and send your order directly to us. Prices are calculated based on image usage, licence type and format; for further details please call us on 07973 732476 or email us on

Copyright Information

All images on this site are © Caroline Woodley; previews and thumbnails may not be reproduced without permission. We can supply digital images in either JPG ot TIFF format on CD, by FTP or by email.

Contact Details

Covalart Limited
Tel: 07973 732476